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Procrastinating Your Life Away

Procrastination is like masturbation, ‘cause in the end, you’re only fucking yourself.”

Possibly the eighth deadly sin, and the number one cause of becoming an “almost successful” person, procrastination is the easiest way to loose track of both your short-term and long-term goals.

In Brian Tracy’s book “Eat That Frog,” he talks about the ability to concentrate at the immediate task at hand and whole-heartedly complete it. He compares tasks to eating frogs and states that if you had to eat a frog every morning, there shouldn’t be many more tasks that are more daunting or difficult. Thus, you should be able to complete other tasks throughout the day, a lot faster because of the mental comfort of having already done the toughest task yet, of eating the frog. He goes even further and says that if you had to eat two frogs, eat the ugliest one first.

Tracy lists a set of 21 ways to stop procrastinating and get more things done faster and is summarized in this link. Eat That Frog summary

“I will act now. I will act now. I will act now.

Henceforth, I will repeat these words

each hour, each day, everyday,

until the words become as much a habit as my breathing,

and the action which follows

becomes as instinctive as the blinking of my eyelids.

With these words I can condition my mind

to perform every action necessary for my success.

I will act now.

I will repeat these words again and again and again.

I will walk where failures fear to walk.

I will work when failures seek rest.

I will act now for now is all I have.

Tomorrow is the day reserved for the labor of the lazy.

I am not lazy.

Tomorrow is the day when the failure will succeed.

I am not a failure.

I will act now.

Success will not wait.

If I delay, success will become wed to another

and lost to me forever.
This is the time.

This is the place.

I am the person.”

Og Mandino

Now, be like the Greek Goddess Nike and “Just Do It!”

No more are the days of endless procrastination.

NOW is the time. It’s all you have!

There is no time to wait. Success does not wait for anyone!

“The race is long, but in the end, it’s only with yourself.” – Mary Schmich

If you’ve never failed, you’ve never lived…

“If you’ve never failed, you’ve never lived…” A-MAZING video! =) will brighten your day.



I’m a Self-Knowing Spiritual Extrovert…

I took the 43 Things Personality Quiz and found out I’m a

Self-Knowing Spiritual Extrovert

Christmas is Overrated: Holiday Thoughts from a Scrooged Grinch

This was a post by a very good friend of mine a few years back. Just thought it was hella funny and really well written. So I wanted to share it with you guys in case you want to check it out.

***Warning, do not read if you have heart problems, are pregnant or are overly sensitive… =P

Christmas is a religious holiday. I have no desire to celebrate anything remotely related to support it. Growing up, I was never taught to believe in any fairytale or imaginative figures. Thus the thought of an overweight old man dressed in red flannel, shouts derogatory terms across the sky about women and distributes toys to undeserving little brats does not arouse me in any shape or form.

Nevertheless, being the accommodating person that I am, I concede and cooperate with the traditions instead of telling my true feelings to people’s faces. That’s the essence of being civil. If someone has the nerve to tell me that Chinese New Year is a meaningless holiday that promotes nothing but commercialism and compulsive spending, I will slap that bitch so hard there will be no tomorrow.

The funny thing is, I just spent the evening watching two things I can’t stand the most: fireworks and Christmas decorations.

The only description I got from my friend Ricky about this event was “there will be these sail boats with cool lights at Shelter Island.” I thought it would be a relaxing way to wrap up my Sunday, which I spent compulsively rearranging living room furniture.

“Yes!! We arrived just in time for the fireworks” was the first thing that came out of his mouth when we pulled up.

Fireworks? I hate fireworks. It is the ultimate ancient Chinese invention that is used for useless ephemeral human enjoyment at the expense of our dying planet. The only time one is ever justified to use fireworks is when you’re surrounded by hungry mountain lions while wearing underwear made out of beef jerky, and you cannot possibly attract any help by screaming “fire!”

The best part about the night was that the “lights on the sail boats” were actually “illuminated Christmas decorations”. Jingles were blasted so loudly they still resonate in my ears…after 7 hours.

Every boat pretty much looked the same. Why couldn’t people just be a little more creative. If I had a boat there I would have decorated it with the devil riding with Santa, or a giant hiny.

Ricky did not notice how painful it was for me to watch. I squirmed so much on my riverbank rock I was pretty sure I drilled a hole into it.

Ahh…I’m such a good friend…

SOCIALNOMICS: The Economics of Social Networking & Social Media

Here’s a video with some very compelling info about “Socialnomics” which is pretty much the economics of Social Networking and Social Media.

Social Media ROI: Socialnomics Data and Statistics

With Socialnomics, evangelists argue that 1 + 1 can equal 1,000,000!

300,000+ Businesses ha a presence on Facebook

Gary Vaynerchuck grew his family business from $4 million to $50 million using social media.

Vaynerchuck found that:

$15,000 in Direct Mail = 200 new customers

$7,500 spent for Billboards = 300 new customers

$0 spent on Twitter = 1,800 new customers

Wetpaint / Altimeter found companies widely engaged in social media surpass their peers in both revenues and profits.

Company Sales with highest levels of social media = +18%

Company Sales with least social activity = -6%

Lenovo = 20% reduction in call center activity as customers go to community website.

The Burger King Whopper Sacrifice Facebook Application:

Estimated investment less than $50,000

Estimated return greater than $400,000 in press / media value

32 million free media impressions

That’s like reaching the combined population of 19 states

Blendtec quintupled sales with “Will it Blend?” YouTube videos

Dell sold $3,000,000 worth of computers in Twitter

BTW, only 18% of traditional TV campaigns generate a positive ROI

You can’t just say it. You have to get the people to say it to each other.

– James Farley, CMO Ford

37% of Generation Y were aware of the Ford Fiesta via social media before its launch in the US

25% of Ford’s marketing is spent on Digital / Social Media

They are the ONLY US auto company that didn’t take a government loan

Naked Pizza set a one day sales record using social media:

– 68% of sales from Twitter

– 85% of new customers from Twitter

Volks Wagon VW goes 100% mobile for the launch of GTI

Social Media is only for B2C – FALSE!

Tweets for a Cause sent out a tweet from Atlanta to encourage support of Susan G Komen for the Cure

Retweets from @mashable, @G_man, @zaibatsu and others caused Atlanta Chapter site to receive 11,000 visitors in 24 hours

Intuit introduced “Live Community” into their TurboTax products 2 years ago – unit sales went up +30% each year

Software company reports 24% of social media leads convert to sales opportunities

Barack Obama – 5 million fans on social media

5.4 million clicked on an “I voted of Obama” Facebook button

3 million online donors = $500 million

92% of donations were in increments of less than $100

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center – 9.5% increase in registrations using social media

The host provider Moonfruit – $15K social media investment,

Website Traffic = up by 300%

Sales = up by 20%

Google first page for “Free Website Builder”

Ebay found participants in online communities spend 54% more $ money

Customer support cost =

$12 via the contact center, vs

25 cents via self-service

These are some thought provoking numbers…. BUT

“Why are we trying to measure social media like a traditional channel anyway? Social Media touches every facet of business and is more an extension of good business ethics.” – Erik Qualman

“You can’t buy attention anymore. Having a huge budget doesn’t mean anything in social media… The old media paradigm was PAY to PLAY. Now you get back what you authentically put in. You’ve got to be willing to PLAY to PLAY.” – Alex Bogusky, Co-Chairman, CP&B

RT @equalman “When I’m asked about the ROI of Social Media sometimes an appropriate response is… What’s the ROI of your phone?”

“Think of Twitter as the canary in the coal mine.” – jetBlue Airways – Morgan Johnston

71%  plan to increase investments in social media by an average of 40% because:

+ Low cost marketing

+ Getting traction

+ We HAVE to do it

What is the co$t of doing nothing?

Do you really want to take that risk?

“Our head of social media is the customer.” – McDonalds

The social media tidal wave is here!

Are you swimming with the current?


video and content found on

Facebook socionomics 4th largest country

Write About the Philippines and Win Prizes!

Officially Philippines screenshot Write About the Philippine and Win Prizes

Write About the Philippines and Win Prizes!

The amazing land formations of Chocolate Hills, the spectacular subterranean river in Palawan, the magnificent man-made Banaue Rice Terraces, the picture-perfect Pinatubo crater, the unbelievable underwater life in Palawan, and the pristine white sand beaches in Boracay… If those aren’t enough reasons to write about the natural wonders of the Philippines, then what is?, a travel website that aims to raise awareness of the Philippines one island at a time, invites you to write about anything under the Philippines’ tropical sun.  Choose from the three categories – personal travel journal, documentary, or other topics such as Filipino fiestas and celebrations, local food, the hidden treasures in the country, and Filipino traditions (kaugaliang Pinoy).  In 500 to 800 words, paint a picture of the beauty of the country by sharing your travel tales and more, and at the same time, be able to promote nationalism and also national fervor.  Who knows?  Your piece might just inspire someone to come to the Philippines for a visit.

By being an ambassador of Philippine tourism through the website’s writing contest, you will have the chance to win a combined total of Php 45,000 in cash and prizes.  You can even submit more than one entry to improve your chances of winning.  Deadline for submission of entries is on August 15, 2010.  Check out for more information about the contest, and to read about the best travel spots in the country with its all-original content from local travelers and writers.  Spread the word and help create more awareness for travel to and within the Philippines.

Vince Golangco: Speaker / Panel Discussion for the JCI Entrep Summit 2010

WIN TICKETS to the EntrepSummit!!! Worth P9,600 pesos!!!

Just tell my why you want them and I’ll pick the best answers. Giving away 4 tickets on Facebook and 4 tickets on Twitter!!!!

You can join both contests for a better chance of  WINNING!

WIN Facebook Tickets

WIN Twitter Tickets

  • Follow @VinceGolangco and Retweet this:
    • @VinceGolangco is giving tickets to the #EntrepSummit worth P9600! Hope to go w/ @YourFriend – (just RT to WIN!)
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Will pick 2 winners from Facebook and 2 winners from Twitter to get 2 tickets each on Aug 25 (total of 8 tickets worth P9,600.00!!!)


This is “CLICK! Technopreneurs’ Secrets Revealed!” The ePntrepreneurial seminar that will help you learn how these maverick entrepreneurs made it big in the tech field, and how you can too! For tickets and reservations visit orcall 525-67-92


For the three years now, JCI Manila (Manila Jaycees) has been staging the Entrep Summit – a gathering of prominent entrepreneurs from different fields who share their experience and life lessons in the hopes of encouraging or inspiring individuals to pursue their entrepreneurial aspirations.  This year, the Entrep Summit will feature trailblazing entrepreneurs who have been successful in tech and digital media related endeavors.  This project encapsulates one JCI-Manila tenet that “economic justice can best be won by free men through free enterprise” and cement JCI Manila as a leadership organization actively participating in the business concerns of young leaders and entrepreneurs. Being the lifeblood of the Philippine economy, the SMEs should consciously adapt and grow with market changes and take steps to attaining their business goals – thus coining the term “Entrep Summit“.

Proceeds from the Entrep Summit 2010 will go to the various JCI Manila community development activities under the “Dare to C.A.R.E” umbrella program for the Smokey Mountain Community which offers various community services to the area such as scholarship, sports program for the youth, livelihood, mentorship, and education to name a few.

“Service to Humanity is the best work of life.”

August 28, 2010 Saturday, 9:00am SM Mall of Asia Center Stage Cinema

Ticket Prices: P 1,200

Early bird rate: P 800 (on or before August 14, 2010)




Vince Golangco: Speaker / Panel Discussion for the JCI Entrep Summit 2010

The Business Portal on Destiny Cable Advertising Rates and Promotion


The Business Portal is a newly conceptualized set of business shows that will focus on the needs, continuing education and the aspirations of businessmen, investors and entrepreneurs and shall be aired by Global Destiny Cable, the second largest cable company with more than 220,000 subscribers, on channel 21 in Metro Manila. The show will also be broadcasted by more than 40 local and regional cable affiliates across the country and by Global Satellite live in Asia.

The Business Portal will present 15 unique and dynamic segments from Mondays to Fridays 9:30am – 12:30 pm (replays from 12mn-3am), primarily to inform and update SME’s, investors, businessmen, entrepreneurs, professionals, and the general public on various business trends and opportunities. Also, the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) will show an uninterrupted ticker tape of the actual stock trading at the bottom of the screen in all segments. The show’s partners and content providers include the PSE, Citisec Online, and the People Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP).

We are currently promoting The Business Portal by airing TV Commercials in Global Destiny and G-Sat and via our partners and content providers.

We would be delighted if you would take the opportunity to be a part of our endeavor by being one of the advertisers or segment sponsors of the show. We can greatly assist your marketing efforts and campaigns for a minimal investment since we are broadcasting nationwide and we can promote your company or products.

Be part of this Endeavour and contact us now or email

Specifically, we can promote you on one of our top shows, “Tek Tok TV” (Tech Talk TV) –

Tek Tok TV is a very entertaining and fun show that discusses technology, gadgets, the internet, blogging and more geeky stuff that can help your business better understand this new online and tech-heavy world. TeK Tok TV is hosted by two of the top online media specialists and most influential bloggers in the Philippines, Vince Golangco of (also radio DJ Vince G for Mellow 94.7) and Hannah Villasis of


Hosts of Tek Tok TV: Hannah Villasis and Vince Golangco

We have various rates of our TV Commercial packages which you may choose from. Taking advantage of this unique opportunity will enable you to:

  • Increase awareness of your institutions (What do they do? What’s your product or service?);
  • Focus your marketing activity on prospective clients who are more discerning, have the decision-making and purchasing-power capability to choose your company, service or product;
  • Attain valuable international media mileage for the TV Commercials you shall be airing.

Be a part of this influential circle of informative, intelligent, intuitive and interesting shows.

The Business Portal is your gateway to business trends and opportunities.

Tek Tok TV is your prime source of news and updates in technology, gadgets, the internet, blogging and more!

Be part of this Endeavour and contact us now or email

More info on Destiny Cable’s Global News Network GNN and their 1 million viewers – GNN Profile


Be part of this Endeavour and contact us now or email

Advertise to the Destiny Cable / Global News Network GNN 1 Million Viewers!


Global News Network GNN is the undiscovered gem in television broadcasting!

Destiny Cable’s Global News Network GNN has one million potential viewers nationwide!

Destiny Cable’s Global News Network GNN could give you the best mileage to your television budget, compared to the leading cable news channel!

Be part of this Endeavour and contact us now or email


  1. Global News Network (GNN) is the cable news channel of Global Broadcasting and Multimedia, Inc. (GBMI).
  2. ANC is the cable news channel of ABS-CBN Broadcasting (ABS).
  3. In Metro Manila, GNN is carried by Global Destiny Cable, an affiliate of GBMI.
  4. In Metro Manila, ANC is carried by Sky Cable, an affiliate of ABS.
  5. In the provinces, GNN is carried by about 400 local cable operators, all affiliates of GBMI thru its linkages with the Philippine Cable TV Association (PCTA).
  6. In the provinces, ANC is carried by about 10 local cable operators, all affiliates of Sky Cable or Pilipino Cable.
  7. For the remote areas of the Philippines not reached by cable TV and for the rest of Asia , GNN is carried by Global Satellite (G-SAT), an affiliate of GBMI.
  8. ANC has no satellite affiliate and is not shown in remote areas of the Philippines not reached by cable TV, and the rest of Asia .
  9. Sky Cable has about 250,000 subscribers in Metro Manila.
  10. Global Destiny Cable has about 200,000 subscribers in Metro Manila.
  11. Based on an estimated 2,000 subscribers per cable affiliate; GNN has a potential provincial reach of at least 800,000 subscribers.
  12. Based on an estimated 2,000 subscribers per cable affiliate; ANC has a potential provincial reach of at least 20,000 subscribers.
  13. Combining Metro Manila and the provinces, GNN has a total prospective national reach of at least 1,000,000 subscribers.
  14. Combining Metro Manila and the provinces, ANC has a total prospective national reach of at least 270,000 subscribers.
  15. Most of GNN content is provided by independent (non-employee) producers and anchors, thus giving the audience a free market of ideas.
  16. Most of ANC content is provided by in-house (employee) producers and anchors, thus giving the audience a limited scope of ideas.


  1. The reach of cable TV is measured in terms of verified subscribers, based on actual billings.
  2. The reach of free TV is measured in terms of show ratings, based on survey results.
  3. Since all of the cable TV subscribers are paying customers, it is guaranteed that they would generally belong to the ABC market, and thus, they could afford to buy the goods and services that are being offered by the advertisers.
  4. Since all of the free TV viewers are non-paying customers, there is no way to measure their paying capacity, and many of them could belong to the DE market, thus they could probably not afford to buy the products and services that are being offered by the advertisers.
  5. Most of the cable TV subscribers have a tendency to surf the available channels, and this behavior is encouraged by the fact that there are many show choices, thus giving many opportunities for show offerings to be discovered by the subscribers.
  6. Most of the free TV viewers also have the tendency to surf the channels, but this behavior is discouraged by the fact that there are too few show choices.
  7. The show ratings as reported by the survey companies are based on the theory that the sample size of about 1,200 respondents is indicative of the viewing behavior of free TV viewers.
  8. In the case of cable TV, it could be argued in the case of Global Destiny Cable for instance that at least half of its 200,000 subscribers would be surfing the channels at any given time, and out of this number, more than 1,200 subscribers would be watching GNN at any given time, much more than the survey sample size.


  1. Satellite TV could reach all areas that could not be reached by cable TV, and even some areas that could not be reached by free TV.
  2. Since it would cost about 8,000 pesos to install a satellite TV connection (renewable every year), satellite TV subscribers would tend to belong to the AB market, compared to the ABC market of cable TV and the ABCDE market of free TV.
  3. Satellite TV could even reach Filipino seamen on board ships in Asia .

Be part of this Endeavour and contact us now or email

As of April 2009 (0ne month after receiving the Permit to Air) these are the registered cable companies who have entered their details and have announced their broadcast of GNN however “Free” on re-broadcast charges – the safe assumption would at the least, be double if not treble on the non registered cable operators already broadcast GNN.



Metro Manila Global Destiny  Cable
Cavite Turtle Cable Network Dasca Cable
Camarines Sur Satellite Cable Network Bulan Satellite Cable TV
Pampanga Tarlac Cable TV Network
Tarlac City Dagupan Urban Satellite Vision, Inc.
Dagupan City , Mountain View Satellite Corp.
Baguio City,
Tuguegarao Tuguegarao Cable
Cagayan Valley Parasat Cable
Cagayan De Oro Parasat Cable
Negros Occidental
Malaybalay ZDS Multipurpose Cooperative Parasat Cable
Zamboanga Del Sur Wesfardel Cable Services
Capiz, Roxas City Kabankalan Community Antenna TV
Negros Occidental
Quezon Quezon CATV
Naga Star Cable     Lipa Star Antenna
Western Samar D Leopards Cable TV Service
Nueva Ecija Sky Movies Phils. CATV
South Cotabato Marbel Services and Television System
Kalibo Aklan Aklan Cable TV
Palawan Calamianes Cable TV Treasure Cable Tv
Coron Palawan
Romblon Paradise Cable TV Network Red Point Cable System
Boracay, Kalibo Aklan Mambusao Cable TV Network
Mambusao Capiz Negros Cable Television
Negros Occidental
Tarlac City Montriz Cable Trend Cable
La Union Beam Cable Shama Cable Tv

We are confident our member cable operators will multiply to cover at the least 600 cable companies by year end if not close to 90% nation wide. GNN is FREE on our RE BROADCAST for all cable operators no matter the topography providing not only complimentary content to their subscribers but News and Public Affairs programming relevant to the Filipino people. For Mega Manila, GNN on Global Destiny cable channel 3 may be second to Sky Cable’s ANC owning to only 45% of the total number of subscribers (i.e. 220k vs. 350k, Destiny cable being the former) but our rate card is guaranteed to be substantially more affordable considering the engineering reach and format content.

Be part of this Endeavour and contact us now or email

***Get special savings when you promote your product / brand /services on our new lineup in “The Business Portal” FOR A LIMITED TIMEspecial advertising rates


News Anchor Vince Golangco on Destiny Cable's Global News Network GNN

Be part of this Endeavour and contact us now or email

How to Find “The G-Spot” w/ DJ Vince G – Just Tune In!

Great show today! As always I had my segment called “Edumacate Me!” which is on every Sunday morning.

“Edumacate Me!” is a segment that’s part of the radio show called “The G-Spot” w/ DJ Vince G where we try to learn something new every Sunday from the guests that come on air with us at Mellow 94.7

You’ve found “The G-Spot” with DJ Vince G.

A radio show on Mellow 94.7 FM every every Saturday from 6-9am and Sundays 6-10am.

Listing down all the stuff I talked about On Air in case you wanted to check it out.

Listen online –

Connect with me on or on

Today for my segment “Edumacate Me!” we had on Sonnie Santos teaching us about web safety for kids and for corporations. You can attend his free seminar with more info about web safety for kids! Check out the link for more info –

On This Day – Aug 8

1815 Napoleon Bonaparte set sail for St. Helena, in the South Atlantic, to spend the remainder of his days in exile.
1945 The Soviet Union declared war against Japan during World War II.
1963 Britain’s “Great Train Robbery” took place as thieves made off with 2.6 million pounds in banknotes.
1978 The United States launched Pioneer Venus II, which carried scientific probes to study the atmosphere of Venus.
2008 The Summer Olympic Games opened in Beijing.

Celebrity Birthdays

Roger Federer, 29, tennis player, born Basel, Switzerland, Aug 8, 1981.
Dustin Hoffman, 73, actor (Oscars for Rain Man and Kramer vs. Kramer; The Graduate, Midnight Cowboy, Outbreak), born Los Angeles, CA, Aug 8, 1937.
Drew Lachey, 34, singer (98 Degrees), television personality (“Dancing with the Stars”), born Cincinnati, OH, Aug 8, 1976.

#1 Song Today,

THE 1980s

1989 Right Here Waiting Richard Marx
1988 Roll with It Steve Winwood
1987 I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For U2
1986 Glory of Love Peter Cetera
1985 Shout Tears for Fears
1984 Ghostbusters Ray Parker, Jr.
1983 Every Breath You Take The Police
1982 Eye of the Tiger Survivor
1981 Jessie’s Girl Rick Springfield
1980 Magic Olivia Newton-John

Mr. Know it All (useless info of the day)

Breasts implants are the number one cosmetic surgery in the US

Two million women in the United States have breast implants. It’s number one cosmetic procedure requested by women, topping rhinoplasty and liposuction. The average age at which a woman gets implants is thirty-four.

Fact or Fiction

The worm in a bottle of Mexican tequila is an aphrodisiac or hallucinogen.


First of all, there are no worms in tequila bottles from Mexico. It is a similar spirit, mescal, that contains the legendary worm. Mescal is distilled from the fermented sap of the agave plant, which also happens to host the gusan rojo worm, which is actually a butterfly larva.

When entrepreneur Jacobo Lozano Páez started bottling mescal in the 1950s, he noticed that these worms inevitably ended up in the mix, and gave the liquor a distinctive flavor. Rather than attempt to filter them out, Páez embraced the worm as an ingredient and came up with the marketing gimmick of including a whole worm in each bottle.

The worms are now raised on farms solely for this purpose, but they are just worms. While they are perfectly harmless to eat — if one is so inclined — they do not have any hallucinogenic or aphrodisiac properties.

Reason to party today – coz it’s happy hour somewhere in the world.

Happiness Happens Day

Aug 8. This day celebrates the 12th birthday of the Secret Society of Happy People by encouraging expressions of happiness and discouraging parade-raining. Suggested celebration activities are available on the website.


Moment of Zen

“When we least expect it, life sets us a challenge to test our courage and willingness to change; at such a moment, there is no point in pretending that nothing has happened or in saying that we are not ready. The challenge will not wait. Life does not look back. A week is more than enough time for us to decide whether or not to accept our destiny.”  – Paulo Coelho quote

Thanks for listening to “The G-Spot”

Hope it was good for you too…

Today is Cam Whore Day!!!

WOW! That was an awesome show today! Thanks to everyone who kept me company! Keisha, Lyn, Carl, Regina, Sharon, Xian, Jersey, Marie, Harris, Eudora, Rhein, Leo, Red, Secretlover, Dhea, Marrie and everyone else whom I wasn’t able to list down!

As mentioned, today is my self-proclaimed “Cam-Whore Day” because today was the day, in 1959, that the first picture of Earth from space was seen. So with that, you need to take pictures of yourself! Share them with me if you want and I’ll post them here if you want as well. Email me –

“Aug 7, 1959. US satellite Explorer VI transmitted the first picture of Earth from space. For the first time we had a likeness of our planet based on more than projections and conjectures.”

Below is the summary of my show in case you want to check out any cool facts that I talked about.

You’ve found “The G-Spot” with DJ Vince G.

A radio show on Mellow 94.7 FM every every Saturday from 6-9am and Sundays 6-10am.

Listing down all the stuff I talked about On Air in case you wanted to check it out.

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On This Day – Aug 7

1942 U.S. forces landed at Guadalcanal, marking the start of the first major allied offensive in the Pacific during World War II.
1971 Apollo 15 returned to Earth after a manned mission to the moon.
1974 French stuntman Philippe Petit walked a tightrope strung between the twin towers of New York’s World Trade Center.
2000 Democratic presidential candidate Al Gore chose Connecticut Sen. Joseph Lieberman as his running mate, making him the first Jewish candidate on a major party ticket.
2007 Barry Bonds became baseball’s career home run leader when he hit No. 756 during a home game in San Francisco, passing Hank Aaron’s mark.

Celebrity Birthdays

David Duchovny, 50, actor (“The X-Files,” “Californication”), born New York, NY, Aug 7, 1960.
Charlize Theron, 35, actress (Oscar for Monster; In the Valley of Elah, Aeon Flux, The Italian Job), born Benoni, South Africa, Aug 7, 1975.
Billy Joe (B.J.) Thomas, 68, singer (“Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head”), born Houston, TX, Aug 7, 1942.

#1 Song Today,

THE 1990s

1999 Genie in a Bottle Christina Aguilera
1998 The Boy Is Mine Brandy & Monica
1997 I’ll Be Missing You Puff Daddy & Faith Evans featuring 112
1996 Macarena [Bayside Boys Mix] Los Del Rio
1995 Waterfalls TLC
1994 Stay (I Missed You) Lisa Loeb & Nine Stories
1993 Can’t Help Falling in Love UB40
1992 This Used to Be My Playground Madonna
1991 (Everything I Do) I Do It for You Bryan Adams
1990 Vision of Love Mariah Carey

Mr. Know it All (useless info of the day)

Breasts implants can also save you from death

Big breasts miraculously saved an Israeli woman from death at the hands of a Lebanese paramilitary organization. The incident occurred during a Hezbollah rocket attack. The victim got a boob job two years ago. During the war, she was wounded in the chest by shrapnel but survived because of her implants. While the patient is fine, the implant, unfortunately, did not survive.

Fact or Fiction

You cannot open the door of a sinking car.

FICTION…. sorta

When a sinking car isn’t yet completely flooded, the water pressure differential between the inside and outside of the cabin prevents the door from being opened. Only once the sinking sedan is filled to the brim — and the pressure difference stabilized — will the door latch release.

Reason to party today – coz it’s happy hour somewhere in the world.

Professional Speakers Day

Aug 7. A day celebrating the consummate professionals who through their oratorical skills help people

Space Milestone: First Picture of Earth from Space / “Cam Whore Day”

Aug 7, 1959. US satellite Explorer VI transmitted the first picture of Earth from space. For the first time we had a likeness of our planet based on more than projections and conjectures.


Moment of Zen

“Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great” – Mark Twain

Thanks for listening to “The G-Spot”

Hope it was good for you too…

Freelance Writing Workshop with Writer’s Block Philippines


Manila, 3 August, 2010Three freelance writers dreamt of putting together a group where other writers could be inspired and armed with the proper skills to be more effective communicators.

It may have started out as a wish. But it was also the start of Writer’s Block Philippines, a group founded by Ana Santos, Nikka Sarthou and Nina Terol-Zialcita.

The trio collectively have two decades of experience in freelance writing as a career. Together, their works on lifestyle, travel, arts & culture, changemaking, advocacy, sex & relationships, and women’s issues have been extensively published both locally and internationally.

As freelance writers, they know how much effort it takes to establish and manage their own bylines and how hard it is to make writing a lucrative enterprise.

“Writer’s Block Philippines is the kind of support system that we wished we had when we were starting our own freelance writing careers,” says Santos, a sex & relationship columnist and sexual health advocate. Santos, who also writes about armed conflict in Mindanao, has had her work published in international publications like IRIN News, the humanitarian news agency of the United Nations.

“There’s a misconception that freelance writing does not entail serious work, but it’s actually a business in itself,” Sarthou says. “Aside from practicing the craft, you have to disciplined enough to manage your projects and meet all your deadlines. Through our workshops, we’ll share  practical tips and insights on how to  go about with having a freelance writing career.” Sarthou focuses more on lifestyle writing. She also manages corporate accounts, which give her the flexibility to pursue her other passions such as traveling.

Writer’s Block Philippines conducts writing workshops that cover a wide range of topics to get writers started on their freelance writing career.

The warm reception of their first workshop inspired Santos, Sarthou and Terol-Zialcita to do another run of “How to Jumpstart Your Freelance Writing Career 2.0” on August 22  and 29, 2010 at Powerbooks, Greenbelt 4,  Makati. The two-day workshop will focus on writing techniques and practical insider information on how to get started with freelancing and is supported by Powerbooks and Travelife magazine.

“We were overwhelmed and also very happy about the response we got to the first workshop which was sold out,” says Terol-Zialcita, who is also a poetess and political communicator. “This session will be beefed up with more hands-on coaching on writing and a section on ethics. We included an ethics portion because we believe in maintaining a high level of professionalism and integrity in writing.”

While the most common avenues for freelance writing may be magazines and newspapers, “How to Jumpstart Your Freelance Writing Career 2.0” will discuss the variety of non-traditional media and international publications that can be tapped and the nuances of writing for each specific media.

“How to Jumpstart Your Freelance Writing Career 2.0” will be held on August 22 and 29, 2010. Log on to or message 0927.850.8280 for more information. Avail of a special Early Bird rate of P3,500 for the two-day workshop by making a reservation on or before August 6, 2010.

For media inquiries, please contact:
Ana Santos:

Writer’s Block Philippines believes that writing is both art and craft, both creative and methodical, a form of expression and a discipline. Writing itself is only one aspect of “writing”; a culmination of other processes that make it easier for you to write your piece. Through its workshops, Writer’s Block will bring all these different processes together and teach you how to be an effective writer.

Writers Block Press Release Jumpstart 2 August 2010

Speaker at the University of the Philippines (UP), Marketing / Public Relations Forum

PuMPED-UP-speaker-at-University-of-the-Philippines-Diliman 006 PuMPED-UP-speaker-at-University-of-the-Philippines-Diliman 007

I had so much fun speaking about internet marketing to the students of the University of the Philippines Diliman campus (UP). It’s always fun to talk to college kids since you can see them dreaming about their bright futures with no hint of anything stopping them! No barriers in place nor any glass ceilings yet.

PuMPED-UP-speaker-at-University-of-the-Philippines-Diliman 002 PuMPED-UP-speaker-at-University-of-the-Philippines-Diliman 011

Hopefully they had fun hearing me talk about my experiences too.

PuMPED-UP-speaker-at-University-of-the-Philippines-Diliman 013 PuMPED-UP-speaker-at-University-of-the-Philippines-Diliman 014

The event was called: PuMPED UP – A Publicity, Marketing, Public Relations  and  Events Management Discourse

PuMPED-UP-speaker-at-University-of-the-Philippines-Diliman 016 PuMPED-UP-speaker-at-University-of-the-Philippines-Diliman 017

See the full flyer and program flow of that PuMPED UP event here –

PuMPED-UP-speaker-at-University-of-the-Philippines-Diliman 018

PuMPED-UP-speaker-at-University-of-the-Philippines-Diliman 021

PuMPED-UP-speaker-at-University-of-the-Philippines-Diliman 024

Chalk Magazine: “10 Bright Young Manila” featuring FlairCandy

So proud of Hannah Villasis from


Hannah was selected as one of the “10 Bright Young Manila 2010” elite group members!


This is a group of young, exceptional and upcoming individuals as selected by Chalk Magazine, of whom you should look out for.


You can see the full story in this month’s Chalk Magazine, August 2010 edition with Kim Chu on the cover.


Hannah-Villasis-FlairCandy-Chalk-Magazine-10-Bright-Young-Manila-2010-August-Kim-Chu-Cover-1 Hannah-Villasis-FlairCandy-Chalk-Magazine-10-Bright-Young-Manila-2010-August-Kim-Chu-Cover-2

“The G-Spot” w/ DJ Vince G on July 31, 2010

You’ve found “The G-Spot” with DJ Vince G.

A radio show on Mellow 94.7 FM every every Saturday from 6-9am and Sundays 6-10am.

Listing down all the stuff I talked about On Air in case you wanted to check it out.

Listen online –

Connect with me on or on

Pick up a copy of the Philippine Daily Inquirer today! My article “10 Must-Do’s in the Metro” is on the cover of the Lifestyle section! 10 definite cool things you need to try When In Manila!

On This Day –July 31

1914 The New York Stock Exchange closed due to the outbreak of World War I. (Trading didn’t resume until December.)
1919 Germany’s Weimar Constitution was adopted.
1948 President Harry S. Truman helped dedicate New York International Airport (later John F. Kennedy International Airport) at Idlewild Field.
1981 A seven-week strike by major league baseball players ended.
1990 Nolan Ryan became the 20th major league pitcher to win 300 games as his Texas Rangers beat the Milwaukee Brewers 11-3.
1991 President George H.W. Bush and Soviet President Mikhail S. Gorbachev signed the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty in Moscow.

Celebrity Birthdays

Dean Cain, 44, actor (“Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman”), born Mount Clemens, MI, July 31, 1966.
Jonathan Ogden, 36, football player, born Washington, DC, July 31, 1974.
J.K. Rowling, 45, author (the Harry Potter series), born Joanne Rowling at Bristol, England, July 31, 1965.
Wesley Snipes, 48, actor (Blade, US Marshals, Jungle Fever, White Men Can’t Jump), born Orlando, FL, July 31, 1962.

#1 Song Today, July 31st in the 90s:

THE 1990s

1999 Genie in a Bottle Christina Aguilera
1998 The Boy Is Mine Brandy & Monica
1997 I’ll Be Missing You Puff Daddy & Faith Evans featuring 112
1996 Macarena [Bayside Boys Mix] Los Del Rio
1995 Waterfalls TLC
1994 Stay (I Missed You) Lisa Loeb & Nine Stories
1993 Can’t Help Falling in Love UB40
1992 Baby Got Back Sir Mix-a-Lot
1991 (Everything I Do) I Do It for You Bryan Adams
1990 Vision of Love Mariah Carey

Mr. Know it All (useless info of the day)

Breasts get fat

In your 20s, your boobs are made up of fat, milk glands and collagen — the connective tissue that keeps them firm. But as you age, the glands and collagen shrink and are replaced by more and more fat. Instead of making your bra size go up, however, the added flab can send breasts down, closer to the floor, if you catch our drift

Fact or Fiction

Lightning can crash an airplane


On average, every airplane is struck by lightning at least once per year. But don’t let that statistic deter you from flying. While lightning used to be a real threat to airline safety at the turn of the century, planes today are better engineered to not conduct electricity and to channel any energy from a lightning strike away from the plane.

That said, there’s still a very slight chance that lightning could bring a plane down, but the last time that happened was in 1963.

Reason to party today – coz it’s happy hour somewhere in the world.

Moby-Dick Marathon

Mystic Seaport, Mystic, CT. Marathon reading of the classic Moby-Dick in celebration of Herman Melville’s birthday. Reading takes place on deck of the nation’s last wooden whaler, the Charles W. Morgan. Annually, 24-hour reading from noon July 31 to noon Aug 1.


Moment of Zen

“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” Thomas Edison

Thanks for listening to “The G-Spot”

Hope it was good for you too…

PuMPED UP: Publicity, Marketing, Public Relations & Events Management Discourse

I’ll be speaking as the keynote speaker for this event at the University of the Philippines campus on Monday! Need to get my slides all ready. See you there!



A Publicity, Marketing, Public Relations


Events Management Discourse

August 2, 2010, Diliman, Quezon City – In the competitive world of the academe and of the workplace, there is a call to skills in marketing, publicity, public relations and events management among others. For this reason, the UP Communication Research Society, University Student Council of UP and the UP Sanlahi Alliance will be holding a seminar, entitled PuMPED UP: A Publicity, Marketing, Public Relations and Events Management Discourse, at Palma Hall 440 in the University of the Philippines Diliman, Quezon City, from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

This seminar aims to equip participants with the practical skills of publicizing and marketing for their projects, both academic and extra-curricular. This is also to prepare them for the need of such skills in the future, especially in the work place. Topics of the said seminar will range from Marketing, Image Branding and Public Relations, Publicity and Events Management.

The lectures will be held in the morning and the workshop will be in held in the afternoon. The speakers will be Mr. Vincent Golangco, Mr. Edgar Timbungco and Prof. Germaine Salvador.

The registration fee will cost Php75.00. Free snacks and free flowing coffee will be provided. A seminar kit will also be given to the students. Participants might need pens and papers to take down notes.

The UP Communication Research Society, University Student Council and the UP Sanlahi Alliance would like to invite students, in particular, for the attainment of the event’s objective, which is to train the participants to be more competitive in the aforementioned fields.

**** See post event pictures here –

PUMPED UP!: Boost Skills. Create Buzz. Generate Leads

Program Flow:




8:00 Call Time


8:30 – 9:00 Registration Period

Videos relevant to Organization Development will be played.



9:00 – 9:30 Philippine Education Situationer Speaker: Ms. Vanessa Faye Bolibol, National Union of Students in the Philippines
9:30 – 9:45 Orientation on the Organization Development Training Series – Rationalé, UP Situationer at a Glance, Mission, Vision, Objectives, Phasing

Program Flow

Speaker: Ms. Sarah Jane Elago, Co-Head, Committee on Organizations, Fraternities and Sororities
9:45 – 10:00 Intermission Number – Tula-Dula UP Repertory Company
10:00 – 10:45 Marketing Speaker: Mr. Vince Golangco –  Tech Talk TV (Global News Network),, Mello 94.7
10:45 – 11:30 Publicity
11:30 – 12:00 Open Forum
12:00 – 12:30 Lunch Break

Videos relevant to Organization Development’s Significance on heightening awareness and mobilizations on campaigns for UP and national issues and concerns  will be played.

12:30 – 12:45 Dance and Music Number UP Kontemporaryong Gamelan Pilipino (Kontra-Gapi)
1:00 – 1:45 Public Relations 101 Speaker: Prof. Edgar U. Timbungco, APR – Holcim Philippines, UP Manila
1:45 – 2:00 Open Forum
2:00 – 3:30pm Workshops (Simultaneous Sessions)*

–          Creating a Marketing Kit

–          Refining an Org’s Image

–          Learning the Photoshop Basics

Presentation of Workshop Outputs

Creating a Marketing Kit

By Shayne Galang

Refining an Organization’s Image

By  Prof. Edgar U. Timbungco, APR

Learning the Photoshop Basics

By Mr. Ricky Reyes, Illustrator and Graphic Artist

3:30 – 4:00 pm Invitations, Closing Remarks USC, CRS, SANLAHI

For more information, you can contact:

Co-Head, Committee on Organizations, Fraternities and Sororities Councilor, USC 2010-2011
External Affairs Committee Head, UP Communication Research Society
Chairperson, UP Sanlahi Alliance
**** See post event pictures here –

Win P100,000 by being a Changemaker

The British Council in the Philippines and Starbucks Philippines is currently running a competition called “I am a Changemaker” which is a business plan competition for the best social enterprise idea.  We are giving away Php 100,000 each for winning proposals from Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao and NCR.  The Php 100,000 is to be used as seed money for them to implement their ideas.  Our partner in this competition Starbucks Philippines will also give out an additional Php100,000 for the proposal that best exemplifies their Shared Planet Criteria.

The competition is targeted towards young people (16-28 years old) to get them more involved in their respective communities.  Aside from the cash prize we are also providing free social enterprise development training workshops courtesy of our partners Ateneo de Manila University and Social Enterprise Development Partnership Inc (SEDPI).  The finalists from around the country have already been selected and will be having their training session from the 26-28 of July at the Ateneo.

There will be a finals competition on 30 July at the Leong Hall of the Ateneo de Manila University where the competing finalists will give a short presentation of their proposal in front of an esteemed panel of judges.  The final judging will take the whole day to view all the presentations but the awarding ceremonies will be from 530PM-730PM. Father Nebres from the Ateneo and British Ambassador Lillie will be present give the awards.

The competition is a collaboration between the British Council in the Philippines and Starbucks Philippines. This is a culmination of a year’s search for social enterprise ideas from our Philippine youth and judging for the finals will be on Friday, July 30 at the Ateneo Leong Hall in the Ateneo Loyola Campus.

The finals are open to the public so feel free to invite anyone interested in social enterprise or at least the ideas of our youth in solving real problems in their community.

How to Make Your Social Network WORK for You

WOW! My guest for my segment “Edumacate Me!” really prepared a lot of stuff for us!

“Edumacate Me!” is a segment that’s part of the radio show called “The G-Spot” w/ DJ Vince G where we try to learn something new every Sunday from the guests that come on air with us at Mellow 94.7

My guest this week is Ms. Carissa Villacorta, the author of the book called “Surreality” and one of the Top 100 Most Influential Filipinas in the US.

Carissa Villacorta talking points for Mellow 94.7 guesting with DJ Vince G

July 25, 2010   830am to 930am

Carissa Villacorta has been practicing Public Relations for the past 8 years in New York City, with clients in Manhattan and the Hamptons

(and author of Surreality)

Contact her at



How To Make Your Social Network Work For You (and everyone else)

We always hear about

Intellectual Quotient

Emotional Quotient from a popular book

How about Social Quotient

How to grow in social intelligence

I feel that endorsements and interviews are the two top ways to get a job. So in a way, they’re results of people liking you enough to recommend you or hire you.

How to make the change from being socially inept to becoming socially adept

I am not claiming to be a teacher, as I myself am still a student of life and relationship building

I’ve realized that when I meet new people, I have a tendency to ask not only

How are you?

But also

“How can I help you?”

Though I don’t always say it aloud.

We all appreciate help. Whether in finding jobs, clients, baby sitters, PR opportunities, or making our dreams come true.

Everybody wants to be Cinderella, but they’re not always successful because they want it for themselves. My suggestion is that we all become Fairy Godmothers to each other –We can introduce them to prince charming, make them a dress and take them to the ball. Because only when we are all Fairy Godmothers to each other can we all become Cinderellas too – our dreams come true.

Noone is ever self-made. We are all products of the kindness and generosity of people we’ve met along the way.

And so you can never say thank you enough.

PR for me does not only stand for  public relations, but it means personal relations

You only have one chance to make an encounter count. People may not meet you ever again. Or you may not meet them ever again. So make the 10 minutes they choose to spend with you a positive and pleasant time.

It only takes a moment, to make, or break an impression.

•         A moment is a retail of time.
Make the moment count.

•         It’s not only about the peso counter, but also about the personal encounter
From the onstage impression to the offstage experience


Don’t give them a chance to say cute nga pero snob. The best thing people can say about you is “Gwapo na, mabait pa.” Or “Mabait na, guwapo pa.”

What’s the use of knowing a lot of people to look for a job if none of them want to help you? You know those people you don’t ever want to see again? You don’t want to be one of those people right?

George Washington said in his Rules of Civility and Decent Behavior from the 1700s

Everything done in company must be in consideration of everyone who is present

Always be considerate of people who are on the same room, same street, same country – people who are going to be affected, sometimes disturbed by what you do. Ask Is this right, is this decent, is this considerate?



Don’t drop names of people you don’t really know or don’t know you

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

It’s not who you know it’s who knows you.

It’s not who knows you, its who likes you.

Don’t overpromise. Don’t talk too much. Just do your best, pray for the rest and let the results do the talking.

Try not to backstab. You don’t want to see bloody backs everywhere right? You don’t want someone to have a bloody back. You don’t want a bloody back. So don’t stab people with sharp words, especially behind their backs.

Strive not to improve others, but to improve yourself in patience, tolerance and understanding.

Words can break relationships. Especially those you hear from other people.

Conversations are two-way dialogues. They’re not monologues. There was a guy I’ve hung out with thrice already  before he found out (from someone else) where I worked and what I do.  Then he seemed surprised. That’s because he never asked me.  He kept on talking about himself for hours on end. And I didn’t want to interrupt his monologue.

Here are the top recent realizations I have while learning about PR or what is commonly known as public relations, but what I call Person Relations

1. Showing up is the greatest compliment. Staying in touch is the second best compliment.

2. The 24-hour cancellation policy should apply not only in restaurant or hotel reservations but also in social commitments. It’s hard to book another guest, as much as it is to book a new appointment in your day.

3 It has always been my job / second nature to invite friends and strangers to events and goings on. But I only invite up to three times. Decline it, and you will not hear from me again. (Ping Pong)

4. Just say yes. I’m a yes girl. Yes to all invites, openings and opportunities. Let the wind take you to doors that open up for you. And some doors are opened up through invites.

5. I’m allergic to flakes. I hope noone lets it happen that they’re described as flakes. They’re people who say they’d come but actually don’t.

Inversely, I like it when people come on time – plus points for early. Reliability is key.

5.  Respect your word. I strive to live by ‘And the word was made flesh.’ They say ‘don’t say it if you don’t mean it.’ I say, don’t say it if you won’t do it. Make it real.

6. The easiest thing to do is to be happy for other people’s success. I don’t know why other people find it hard.

7. People must have a balance of confidence and humility. There are some who are painfully shy, and there are some who are PAINFULLY confident. Both are equally disturbing. Strike a balance and you won’t turn others away.

8. I don’t understand how people can make saying sorry a habit. How about not doing anything that requires an apology? And only say you’ll make it up if you really would.

Confident but not cocky. Cultured but not flashy.

Humility, gratitude, honesty, courtesy and genuine interest in others are still key.

Confident but not self-absorbed.
Well-bred but not flaunting.
Accomplished but not flashy.
Initiates but not flaky.
Humility and genuine interest in others are still key.

Rule of the world is give and take. We should all start in giving.

Start happy.

Live in peace.

Show up. Keep your word. And keep in touch.

I love socially adept people. They just know what to say, when to say it. How do they do it, and when did they learn it? Kudos to their parents!

Cover of Surreality by Carissa Villacorta

YouTube: Life in a Day on “The G-Spot”

You’ve found “The G-Spot” with DJ Vince G.

A radio show on Mellow 94.7 FM every every Saturday from 6-9am and Sundays 6-10am.

Listing down all the stuff I talked about On Air in case you wanted to check it out.

Listen online –

Connect with me on or on

TODAY! July 24 is YouTube’s “Life in a Day” project! See link for more info:


On This Day –July 24

1969 Apollo 11, the first manned mission to the moon, splashed down safely in the Pacific.
1990 Iraq massed tens of thousands of troops and hundreds of tanks along its border with Kuwait.
2005 Lance Armstrong won a seventh consecutive Tour de France.
2008 Ford Motor Co. posted the worst quarterly performance in its history, losing $8.67 billion.
2008 Cheered by an enormous crowd in Berlin, Democratic presidential contender Barack Obama summoned Europeans and Americans together to “defeat terror and dry up the well of extremism that supports it” as surely as they had conquered communism a generation ago.

Celebrity Birthdays

Barry Bonds, 46, baseball player, born Riverside, CA, July 24, 1964.
Lynda Carter, 59, actress (“Wonder Woman,” “Partners in Crime”), former Miss World–USA, singer, born Phoenix, AZ, July 24, 1951.
Jennifer Lopez, 40, actress (Maid in Manhattan, The Cell, Out of Sight), singer, born the Bronx, NY, July 24, 1970.
Karl Malone, 47, former basketball player, born Summerfield, LA, July 24, 1963.
Anna Paquin, 28, actress (“True Blood,” X-Men films, The Piano, Fly Away Home), born Winnipeg, MB, Canada, July 24, 1982.

#1 Song Today, July 24th in the 90s:

THE 1990s

1999 Wild Wild West Will Smith featuring Dru Hill & Kool Moe Dee
1998 The Boy Is Mine Brandy & Monica
1997 I’ll Be Missing You Puff Daddy & Faith Evans featuring 112
1996 You’re Makin’ Me High/ Let It Flow Toni Braxton
1995 Waterfalls TLC
1994 I Swear All-4-One
1993 Can’t Help Falling in Love UB40
1992 Baby Got Back Sir Mix-a-Lot
1991 (Everything I Do) I Do It for You Bryan Adams
1990 She Ain’t Worth It Glenn Medeiros with Bobby Brown

Mr. Know it All (useless info of the day)

England is the country with biggest breasts in Europe

A survey made by bra maker Triumph found that British women have the biggest boobs in Europe. More than half of women in that country wear a size D cup. Denmark scored second while Holland was third. On the other hand, Italian women had the smallest breasts where 68 percent had a size B.

Fact or Fiction

Eating chocolate causes acne breakouts.


Contrary to popular belief, there is no link between eating chocolate and acne breakouts.  Several scientific studies have disproved this common myth.

Reason to party today – coz it’s happy hour somewhere in the world.

National Drive-Thru Day

July 24. After WWII, California sunshine and a love affair with automobiles spurred the growth of roadside businesses in the Golden State catering specifically to motorists. As America’s first major drive-thru hamburger chain, Jack in the Box® restaurants (founded in 1951) helped pave the way for a delicious new dining experience.

Moment of Zen

“Risk more than others think is safe.
Care more than others think is wise.
Dream more than others think is practical.
Expect more than others think is possible.”
– Cadet maxim, West Point, New York

Thanks for listening to “The G-Spot”

Hope it was good for you too…

Hosting Jollibee special screening of “The Last Airbender” movie

I’ll be hosting a special screening of “The Last Airbender” tomorrow! Special thanks to Jollibee for this cool movie event. A quick shout-out to my friends from the Jollibee Marketing team led by the Brand Manager for Jollibee Kids Meals, Ms. Inna Gimenez and the PR Manager, Ms. Arline Adeva. Thank you very much for making another much-anticipated movie screening possible.

You know what else is making The Last Airbender movie more exciting? Jollibee has been giving kids and kids-at-heart like you and me more reasons to celebrate The Last Airbender’s big-screen debut. With every Jollibee Kids Meal, you can avail of toy collectibles from the live-action movie adaptation by director M. Night Shyamalan! For a meal that’s affordably priced from P71 to P97, you can already choose among four dynamic action figures who are all part of the legend of Aang.

There’s the Aang Hero Twister, which allows our adventure-seeking hero to soar to greater heights with his powerful wings. On the other hand, Sokka Side Flip showcases the youthful warrior’s powerful flip tactics despite having no bending control.  Also check out the Katara Water Blaster that shows off the Waterbender Katara’s great command over water. Lastly, there’s the Zuko Fire Spinner, which exhibits the ring of power of the banished Firebender prince.

You can get all these exciting collectibles at Jollibee until August 11, 2010.

Last Airbender Promo Pic

Digital Parenting: How to Keep Your Kids Safe Online

Seminar to help you protect your kids from the dangers of the internet!

Keep your kids safe online!

Seminar intended for  parents [for FREE] whose objective is to protect kids online. With the advent of internet, online games, Facebook and other social networking sites, kids are also exposed to some dangers even though they are in the confines of their homes.

More info on the official website –


If interested please request for a seat at reservations[at]websafetyforparents[dot]org and we will send you a confirmation email.

How To Keep Your Kids Safe Online Digital Parenting

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